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Role of NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education)

NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education) was established in 1973 on the proposal of the Union Ministry of Education. But in 1993 the organization became legal. It is also an autonomous organization whose objective is to improve teacher education in India. Its various functions as per the 1993 Act are –


  1. Researching and disseminating information on various topics related to teacher education.
  2. Advising Centre, State and UGC on Teacher Education.
  3. Keeping vigilance and co-ordination of the teacher education system across the state.
  4. Fixing the minimum qualifications of teachers and fixing the minimum qualifications of students in teacher training institutions.
  5. Preparation of general guidelines for various courses related to teacher education.
  6. To encourage research and formulation of new ideas about this educational system.
  7. To arrange inspection and grant in this regard.
  8. Taking appropriate steps to ensure that teacher education does not become a commercial product.
  9. To arrange training for teachers.
  10. To maintain international relations regarding this teaching.


According to the NCTE ACT (1993) it is mandatory for all primary and secondary teacher training institutes in India to be approved by NCTE. Teacher education degrees awarded by accredited institutions are not legally admissible. In order to maintain proper standards in teacher education NCTE B.Ed by post. It tries to stop education, tries to develop modern teaching methods and curriculum and creates a code of professional ethics to protect the professional attitude of teachers.