Kd's e-pathsala Research Methodology Concept of Research Objectives and Research Question

Concept of Research Objectives and Research Question

Research Objectives

Research objectives are the outcomes that you aim to achieve by conducting research. Many research projects contain more than one research objective. Creating strong research objectives can help your organization achieve its overall goals. The purpose of research objectives is to drive the research project, including data collection, analysis and conclusions. Research objectives also help you narrow in on the focus of your research and key variables, guiding you through the research process.

Typically, research objectives appear early in a research proposal, often between the introduction and the research question. Sometimes, depending on the length of the paper or proposal, you can place the research objectives in the introduction. Usually, researchers also list their objectives in the abstract of their proposal.

Research Question

A research question is a question that a study or research project aims to answer. This question often addresses an issue or a problem, which, through analysis and interpretation of data, is answered in the study’s conclusion. In most studies, the research question is written so that it outlines various aspects of the study, including the population and variables to be studied and the problem the study addresses.

As their name implies, research questions are often grounded on research. As a result, these questions are dynamic; this means researchers can change or refine the research question as they review related literature and develop a framework for the study. While many research projects will focus on a single research question, larger studies often use more than one research question.